Every HVAC manufacturer knows that without the highest-quality coils, the HVAC units they build won’t stand up to their competition.

What if you could source the world’s finest coils – and have them delivered in six weeks’ time?

Our engineering team are dedicated and committed in helping resolve even the toughest of problems. With over three decades of experience manufacturing heat exchangers – we can deliver the kind of coils that will put your company’s products on the world map.

Our range of heat exchangers include

Chilled Water Coils

Hot Water Coils

Direct Expansion (Evaporator) Coils

Condenser Coils

Steam Coils

Evaporator (Crossfin) Coils

Active Chilled Beam Coils

Passive Chilled Beam Coils

CO Coils 

Heat Recovery Coils

Automotive Coils

Tube in Tube Coils



Accredited, test quality products: Manufactured to strict ISO 9001 quality standards with state-of-the-art technology, our coils go above and beyond those standards to make sure you have the finest heat exchangers. Also, being AHRI certified, we give you peace of mind that your coils performance will deliver what they have been selected for.
World-class engineering: When you need answers to your toughest heat exchange challenges, call on our engineers. They have a history of solving the most difficult problems for our customers.
Superb materials and facilities: We source our materials from the finest available. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to produce top-quality coils every day of the year. Our highly trained people coupled with excellence in engineering produces a superior product. With us, consistency is a given.
Partnering with our customers: We foster partnerships with all our current and potential customers with our attention on producing quality coils. We invest in your company’s success. We don’t build HVAC equipment, we only manufacture the finest quality coils available on the market today.
Excellence in customer service: With over 30 years of experience manufacturing coils for HVAC customers worldwide, our dedicated customer service team can help you answer your all enquiries.
Our no-leak guarantee: We pre-charge all our coils with nitrogen and seal the connections with copper caps – guaranteeing that nothing will ever leak. And, they’ll be at your door within six weeks – worldwide.

Our range of heat exchangers can be used in the following applications:

Air Handling Units

Fan Cool Units

Air Cooled Chillers

Heat Pumps

Heat Recovery Systems

Air-cooled Condensers

Packaged Units

Constant / Variable Air Volume Terminal Units

Refrigeration cabinets

Ice Makers


Duct-mounted heating & cooling systems